Lark Pro Sleep Monitor

If you struggle with good sleep or you need a personal alarm that doesn't wake your sleep partner, the Lark Pro Sleep Monitor, which acts as a silent alarm clock and also as a personal sleep coach, is the solution for you.

Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but most aren't getting anywhere near the amount that they need. And you may not be getting the quality of sleep that you need, either.

But how do you know for sure? With this monitor, you'll get accurate information about how much you sleep and the quality of your sleep. It measures all of your movements throughout the night and records them on an app with your smartphone.

Based on your personal sleep patterns, the sleep coach will then give you tips on how to improve your sleep. For example, it might suggest you go to bed a little earlier.

It can also give you insight if you suspect you have a sleep problem. You can take the data that the monitor records and share it with your doctor who may suggest further sleep studies.

This can help you get back on track with your sleep. When you don't get enough sleep, you can have many health problems - including an increased risk of disease and weight gain.

The other feature of this armband is the silent alarm. If you have trouble waking up to a traditional alarm sound, this will help you wake up using vibration. The vibration on your wrist is designed to gently wake you while allowing a sleeping partner to continue sleeping.

This vibrating alarm is also wonderful for anyone who is hearing impaired and can't use a traditional alarm. And if you find that a loud alarm is jolting, you'll find that this vibrating alarm is a much more gentle way to wake up each morning.

You can set the alarm for whatever time you prefer. There's also a snooze function and a back-up alarm that does use audio if you need it. You'll find that this way of waking up is much easier for your body.

Almost all users find that they experience better sleep within a month of putting this monitor to work. The monitor will work with any iOS device and uses Bluetooth technology to sync to the app. With the Lark Pro Sleep Monitor, you'll get the best sleep possible and be able to wake gently each morning.